AZ – 103 Microsoft Azure Administrator

Course Overview

This course helps you to undertstand the administrative lifecycle in Azure environments. It is meant for  Azure Administrators who takes care of cloud services like networking, security, storage and compute cloud capabilities. Few topics covered in this course are Hybrid networking, Virtual Machine Customization and storage security. It also covers Account Management, Authentication and Intergration by using Azure AD.
What you will learn
•    Manage Azure subscriptions, Resource groups and role based access control
•    Analyze resource utilization and consumption
•    Create and configure storage accounts
•    Configure Azure files
•    Implement Azure backup
•    Import and export data to Azure
•    Manage Azure VM
•    Create and configure a VM for Windows and Linux
•    Automate deployment of VMs
•    Manage VM backups
•    Create connectivity between virtual networks
•    Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking Integrate on premises network with Azure virtual network
•    Implement Azure load balancer
•    Implement and manage virtual networking
•    Create and configure a Network Security Group 
•    Manage Azure Active Directory (AD)
•    Manage Azure users, devices and groups
•    Implement multi-factor authentication 
•    Implement and manage hybrid identities


Who can take this course

•    Azure Administrators and Engineers
•    System Administrators
•    IT professionals

Course Prerequisite

•    To have Working knowledge of Power Shell and Command Line Interface
•    Prior experience of Azure Portal, operating systems, virtualization, ARM templates, storage structures cloud infrastructure and networking