DP -200T01: Implementing an Azure Data Solutions Training and Certification Course

Course Overview


Microsoft Azure Data Solutions course holds the candidate's ability to accomplish their technical tasks like developing and handling the data processing system, implementing different data storage systems, monitoring the task, optimizing different data solutions, and many more. Candidates who think to appear for the professional Microsoft Azure DP-200T01 course are basically acknowledged as the Microsoft Azure data engineers. The Engineers collaborate with the enterprise stakeholders and promote them by implementing different opinions. They use Azure data services to meet data requirements and implements diverse data solutions for business success. The Candidate who endeavours to attempt Microsoft Azure DP-200T01 Exam must have the ability to apprehend the information quickly of Azure Services. 


Who can take this DP-200T01 Course


1) This course is for the Data Professionals, Data Architects, and Business Intelligence Professionals 
2) Candidates who want to learn about the data platform technologies of Microsoft Azure.


What You Will Learn


In this course, the candidate learns different designing strategies and multiple data platform technologies into distinct solutions. With specialized and professional experience, a candidate must have the technical knowledge of the required course. In this course, you will learn:

•    Designing and structure of Cloud
•    Working with Relational Data Stores in the Cloud
•    Working with Data Storage
•    Enabling Team Based Data Science with Azure Data bricks
•    No-SQL or Data Warehouse data designs
•    Learn to process data for both streaming and batch data
•    Securing Azure Data Platforms
•    Monitoring and Troubleshooting Data Storage and Processing


Course Prerequisites


With the additional professional skills, the candidate who applies for the course or training must have strong knowledge of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.


Candidates who want to learn Azure Data Platform for Big Data Analytics, ETL process in the cloud, and Relational data stores like Databases and Data warehouse on the cloud can take this course. 

This course gives you a detailed overview of different technologies used for data storage, handling, formatting, Analyzing, migration, and Scheduling of ETL Pipelines.

You can pass the DP -200T01 Exam by merely putting your efforts on hard work and some tricks. Here we mention what you do to pass this Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Exam. Follow the strict guidelines to get success.

•    Understand the complete skills required for DP-200T01 Exam thoroughly
•    Make Azure Data Engineers your learning point
•    Deeply go through the references of Azure Docs.
•    Take a quick tour of Azure Solution Architecture
•    Must go through the SQLBits Session.

You need to understand that every Exam and Certification course has distinct criteria to conduct the Exam. Just carefully read out the required Skills and Course prerequisites for the excellent results.

Microsoft charges $165.00 for the DP -200T01 Exam.

Candidates can give this Exam only five times in a year. After the fifth attempt, if the candidate did not pass the Exam, they would be eligible for the Exam after a Year.