Course Overview

This ITIL base gives you a solid grasp of the ITIL 4 architecture, basic principles, and ITIL operation lifecycle terminologies. By the completion of this ITIL certification, you'll have a better understanding of how ITIL has progressed to incorporate new technology and organisational procedures, as well as the principles that make up a service management system.
The ITIL 4 Foundation exam is intended to serve as an introduction to ITIL 4, allowing candidates to see IT service management from an end-to-end operational model for the development, distribution, and continuous improvement of tech-enabled goods and services.
The four modules are as follows:
ITIL 4 Specialists develop, deliver, and support information technology.
Stakeholder Value is guided by ITIL 4 Specialists.
ITIL 4 High-velocity IT Specialist.
Guide, Plan, and Improve (ITIL 4 Strategist).

Who Can Take this Course

•    IT directors
•    IT architects
•    operations managers
•    IT audit managers
•    IT planners and contractors
•    database administrators
•    ITSM coaches
•    process delivery experts
•    quality testers
•    application maintenance and growth team
•    IT managers will benefit from this ITIL V4 credential training course

What You Will Learn

ITIL 4 Foundation has five phases to the operation life cycle. Across the five phases/stages of ITIL 4, there are a total of four tasks and 25 processes.
•    Service Strategy
•    Service Design
•    Service Transition
•    Service Operations
•    Continual Service Improvement are all aspects of service management

Prerequisites for this course

•    ITIL and IT Service Management's roots and philosophy.
•    Understanding IT services as well as the industry sense.
•    Theorizing and developing processes.
•    The ITIL model's main meanings and terms.
•    From Foundation to Intermediate to Expert, the ITIL Certification course.
•    The IT Service Lifecycle Model – covers the concepts, practises, models, and priorities of each of the Lifecycle Model's five phases, as well as the processes associated with these stages.
•    ITIL's functions and positions, as well as how they relate to processes


Since ITIL 4 is aimed at a wider audience, it emphasises basic ideas and new value models.

The four dimensions are all essential in facilitating value for customers and other stakeholders. Organizations and individuals, information and technologies, stakeholders and vendors, and value sources and processes are among them.

ITIL 4 consists of tried-and-true activities or practices that companies in the IT sector use to operate their services.

You'll get a glossary of words that are well described and universally accepted, allowing customers, providers, and suppliers to communicate in a shared language.

• Expert Teachers have ITIL 4 course and certificate training.
• Acquire a detailed understanding of a globally recognised standard for knowledge processing.
• Become a Professional to further your career.