CEH (v11) - Certified Ethical Hacker

Course Overview


The Cetfied Ethical Hacker course is primarily developed to expose computer protection practitioners to the basics of ethical hacking. It is a certification gained by demonstrating knowledge of evaluating computer system security by searching for flaws and vulnerabilities in target applications, using the same information and expertise as a malicious hacker, but legitimately and legally, to assess a target system's security posture. Edukas is a stellar education online portal for the best CEHv11 course provider in India. 

Who Can Take this Course

CEH Certification Course is beneficial for:
•    Analyst in information security.
•    Auditor of Security Assurance at the mid-level.
•    The administrator of System Security.
•    Engineer in Network Security.

What You Will Learn? 

This CEHv11 courseware credential validates the expertise needed to succeed in the information technology sector. Many IT departments have made CEHv11 mandatory for security-related roles. CEHv11 accredited ethical hacker practitioners benefit 44% more than non-certified professionals.
The following are the main features of the CEH Ethical Hacking Training Course:
•    Expert Cybersecurity coaches from all over the world.
•    SMEs produced certified CEH v11 course content.

Prerequisites for this course

•    The participant for the course may possess knowledge on Networking, Security, Hacking, and Computer Systems.
•    The participant must acquire Computer-based training (CBT) or live online training approved by EC-COUNCIL.
•    Qualify the CEH exam either computer based or multiple choice formats. 
•    The duration of CEHV11 exam is 4 hrs in which the participant has to answer 125 questions.
•    The passing score for CEH exam is 70% and the charges are $500 USD.


The ethical hacking course is delivered via live interactive classrooms.They are open workshops in which you can ask questions and engage in class discussions. We do, however, log each session you attend for your potential reference. Students from all around the world visit classes to enhance the  experience.

To be more descriptive, yes. If you want to try a career in cryptography or become an ethical hacker, CEH certification is the perfect way to get started. The CEH credential issued by the EC-Council attests to the fact that you are well-versed in all facets of penetration testing and ethical hacking.

CEH v11 Training course learning includes Trojans, backdoors, and countermeasures to combat attacks. It also talks about IDS, firewalls, wireless hacking, and other security interventions.

•    CEH legal hacking course and credential instruction provided by Expert Teachers.
•    Gain a thorough understanding of an internationally recognized information management standard.
•    Advance your profession by being a Professional Ethical Hacker